Why fishing is good for you

Why fishing is good for you: Fishing helps my stress levels

Disclaimer: Before we start, please understand I am NOT a psychiatrist. In this article, I am only referring to my personal experience and views on my fishing experiences.

Does fishing help me with stress levels? 

Yes, I would say it does. I work sixty or more hours per week, week in and week out. The job I have is not manually draining, but it is mentally tiring. Fishing helps reboot me and remove the week’s weight off my shoulders for a while, which is great. I relax further and further the more I am at the waterside, except when the fish bite and the adrenalin kick in.

What can be better than being sat behind a rod whilst watching nature all around going about its business? I miss all this when I go to work and find I barely see anything more than the occasional bird on my way. When I am at my favorite lake, I get to see so much every time. And I never know what I will see, which is even better.

How does fishing work for me?

I sit and relax, away from the phone (except for emergency) and the general noise of daily life. Have you noticed how peaceful it is when you go fishing? I get a small stove and kettle working and sit back, taking in my surroundings. Last time out, I was watching a duck and its peculiar mannerisms. I know I may be going quackers, but a couple of times, it made me giggle, which helps even more. There is so much wildlife around us when out in the countryside that we tend to forget when working hard. How quickly we forget and yet how easy it is to be enjoyed.,

Is the fishing good for mental, psychological health benefits?

No matter your reason for fishing, the activity brings relaxation and calmness to all of us. Spending a morning, day, or just an evening doing your favorite hobby activity makes us happy. This very quality has made fishing popular for myself, my relatives, and my friends. I have made a few good friends over the years through angling, and I am sure you can. How much happier would you feel having been fishing?

Proven data in clinical studies connects fishing to lowering stress:

Proven data in clinical studies have shown the benefits of fishing and being out in the countryside. I shall not go into these as I feel it would be wrong. If you wish to read them, you will quickly find them on the search engines.

Anyone can take up fishing, even if a little help is needed to get them going. Some anglers will need further hands-on help whilst at the waterside, but they can still fish. Fishing is a calming, enjoyable hobby that makes you want to grab a rod and head for the water. Once you have been fishing and enjoyed your trip, you know deep inside you will go again. Fishing with a relative or friend will make the trip safer and make it more memorable.

Importance of fishing: Reasons to go fishing and the benefits of fishing you will gain:

  1. Breaks down and ignores social barriers – Fishing is not just for one type of person. Anybody can go out and enjoy themselves regardless of who they are. Just remember to buy your fishing license or permit.
  2. Fishing is good for the environment – Often, anglers will quickly spot a pollution problem so that it can be solved with less harm to the fish and wildlife. On other occasions, anglers help people and animals found In distress. Whatever the help, help is always good and appreciated.
  3. Fishing is fun – Thinking back to my childhood, I can remember family days involved fishing. I can recall the laughter and the camping stove, cooking bacon, and eggs. There are so many memories that will always stay with me. If you take your family and friend with you, there will be many occasions to be fun and memory forming.
  4. Health benefits of fishing – Being out in the fresh air away from the noise of life has got to be better than a stuffy office. Get out there and enjoy the feel of the sunshine on you.
  5. Fishing as a therapy – Therapy is probably not the right word or phrase, but really that’s how it seems to work for me. I feel so much more refreshed going back into work after fishing that I am energized to some extent.
  6. Fishing exercise and fishing calories burned – Now, this is not something that concerns me, but any exercise walking to your fishing spot helps. I often walk for at least thirty minutes from the car and therefore get a small workout each time.
  7. I always sleep better – After a day’s fishing, I sleep more solid, which can only be good for me and my body.

Taking fishing one step further: Next steps to take having read my article:

  1. Learn how to get into fishing – If you already fish now and then try getting out there more when time allows. Take the family members along even if they don’t want to fish; they can still enjoy being out there.
  2. Make fishing friends – Talking to other anglers is a great way to make new friends, and you will have a hobby in common to discuss. Some of my friends enjoy fishing, and that’s how I met them and their families.
  3. Join an angling club – There are lots of angling clubs out there. Take a look and see if there are any you may want to join. You will learn a lot regarding fishing in your area, and probably a lot more than you would have expected. Who knows, you may even be able to teach them a little.
  4. Help new anglers – Help new anglers learn how to fish. Pass on your knowledge and enjoy their success.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to going fishing. Always enjoy your hobby, and it will improve the days fishing.

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Many thanks for taking the time to read the article, which I hope will be of great help to you now and in the future.

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