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The Top Runcl Fishing Products In 2021

When going out in the water, bringing your best and trusted equipment is a must to be successful in your fishing endeavor. If you’re planning to buy gear to replace the old ones in your kit, Runcl is the place to be.

Runcl is an emerging fishing brand that makes state-of-the-art fishing equipment. While fairly new to the industry, the brand has already won the hearts of customers because of its offerings. They aim to produce quality fishing equipment that anyone can afford. The company creates innovative devices to help make your fishing easier and more successful at the same time. They offer a wide range of products so everyone can choose whatever they like.

This post lists down some of the best items Runcl currently offers. We broke them down into eight categories so you can easily find what you need.

Tackle Storage Bags

These products are for storing jig heads, barrel swivels, hooks, and other accessories. Tackle storage bags protect your items from corrosion and prevent them from getting damaged.

Fishing Tackle Storage Bag

RUNCL Fishing Tackle Storage Bags, Sports Shoulder Bags - Tournament Proven, Perfect Organizer, Angling-Specific Design, Ergonomic Design 01
  • Tournament Proven: The RUNCL fishing tackle bag is made with 600D polyester w/honeycomb ripstop polyester panels and EVA walls, built to battle the heavy splash of rough weather with a super-tough design, delivers long-lasting, weather-defying performance that excels in freshwater and saltwater
  • Perfect Organizer: Built with a spacious main compartment, the RUNCL tackle box is capable of holding up to four 3700-size stowaways with front pocket for one 3600-size stowaways and additional storage for small tools along the outside, ensures enough room for hard baits, soft baits, terminal tackle, and whatever else you might need on the water
  • Angling-Specific Design: Integrated hard eyeglass case and padded shoulder strap for easy transportation, pliers holder keeps fishing pliers within easy reach and security, mesh stash pockets allow wet items to air out, hi-vis molded zipper pulls (anti-slip) for improved access and ease of use, the fishing specific design provides complete organization and offers quick access to frequently used items, saving valuable moments on the water
  • Ergonomic Design: Fitted with a padded shoulder strap to make long carries more comfortable, the adjustable funtion allows you to easily adjust the strap to match different body shape, and also makes it possible to wear the sports bag in different ways (shoulder bag, crossbody and more)
  • Molded Bottom: Features an elevated molded waterproof base with non-skid surface, offers enhanced rigidity to hold shape, provides extra durability and gripping power on wet surfaces for added stability and protection, is able to withstand the rigors of avid tournament angling

This spacious bag is where you can store all of your fishing tackle. It features a main compartment, a front pocket, and external zippered pockets where you can store smaller tools. It also comes with a padded strap so you can carry the bag comfortably.

Fishing Tackle Box

RUNCL Fishing Tackle Box Waterproof, Tackle Storage Organizer with Removable Dividers, Sun Protection Function, Thicker Frame with Secure-Locking Latches Lure Box for Freshwater Saltwater
  • Waterproof Tackle Box: The lure is made of natural silica gel, with 360° waterproof gasket, keeps moisture out and protects your tackle from the elements, Runcl utility trays offer the versatility to store and organize everything from fishing tackle to items for your favorite craft project.
  • Quick Identification and Sun Protection: The translucent brown appearance for convenient identification of the contents inside, even when closed. And keeps lure out of the sun, and prevents the fading or oxidation of expensive lures, helps extend the lifespan of your tackle.
  • Smart Divider System: The fishing tackle box has removable dividers, which provide the flexibility to load your utility case with plastic baits, terminal tackle, nuts, bolts, screws, beads, wire, spools of thread, or just about any small item, and no shifting.
  • Compatible With Standard Tackle Bags: Built with thicker and rugged frame, and fitted with three heavy-duty secure-locking latches (allows for one-handed operation), 3600 and 3700 tackle box are designed to fit into any standard size tackle bag.
  • After Service: Due to long-term logistics and transportation, the box may be damaged. Welcome to contact us if you have any problems with the goods you receive, and we will provide exchanges or refunds according to your needs. Thank you for your kind understand.

You’ll be 100% confident that your hooks, lures, and other tackle are safe with this box. It has a sturdy construction and has three secure-locking latches. The box comes with a waterproof pad, too, allowing you to safely use it near the water. Plus, with its brown color, all your tackle will be protected from the sun.

Fishing Terminal Tackle

Fishing Accessories Kit, 148/170pcs Fishing Set with Tackle Box, Fishing Hooks, Weights, Jig Heads, O-Rings, Barrel Swivels, Fastlock Snaps, Fishing Beads, Space Beans(172pcs)
  • Huge Variety: The fishing tackle comes in sensible blend, includes off-set hooks, drop shot hooks, bullet weights, drop shot weights, jig heads, barrel swivels, fastlock snaps, fishing beads and space beans, suitable for all sorts of fishing conditions (About 0.15USD for each piece)
  • Anti-Corrosion Stainless Steel: All fishing terminal tackles are made of stainless steel, offers high strength and delivers corrosion resistance in saltwater environment
  • Fastlock Snaps: The high strength safe fastlock snaps features U-Shaped Design, allows for lifelike swimming actions, and also helps to quickly change the hard fishing lures without cutting the fishing line
  • Great Organizer: The fishing terminal tackles are assorted and placed in different transparent compartments, which allows for easy identification and access
  • Compact Box: The fishing tackle is equipped with a compact box, easily fits in your fishing seat box, fishing backpack and fishing vest's pocket, makes it convenient to carry

What’s great about this product is it already comes with fishing tackle. It includes a variety of gear like fishing beads, bullet weights, fast lock snaps, jig heads, and more. They’re made of stainless steel to protect them from corrosion. The bag has transparent compartments for quick and easy storage.

Bass Fishing Lures

Wobblers are the commonly used lures when it comes to spinning. They can be made of wood, plastic, and dense foam and shaped like fish, insects, and so on. Classic wobblers come with a spatula or tongue as their main working element. However, some types of lures don’t have this element. Their performance and playing style depend on their body’s overall shape and balance.

Deep-Diving Crankbaits and Hard Baits

RUNCL Deep Diving Crankbaits, Wobbler Fishing Lures, Hard Baits - Lifelike Design, Realistic Movement, Loud Rattles, Rounded Bill, Razor-Sharp Hooks - Fishing Plugs, Deep Divers (4-1/2in, 5/8oz)
  • Lifelike Design: Features streamlined shad profile with 3D lifelike eyes, 3D gill plates, top-of-the-line paint schemes, and textured scale pattern finishes, convinces fish to strike and generates trophy caliber bites
  • Realistic Movement: Features fixed weight & rolling weight transfer system together with the larger bill, offers a tight, nose down wobbling action with a fast retrieve, allowing it to move through grass and debris with reduced snagging
  • Loud Rattles: The crankbait possesses distinctive loud, flashy attention getters for improved noise, sounds like a dinner bell to big fish, tempts the most tight-lipped bass into biting
  • Larger Bill: Fitted with a larger rounded bill, allows it to dive quickly into the strike zone and deflect off all types of heavy cover without snagging, triggers aggressive reaction bites
  • Razor-Sharp Hooks: Armed with two premium razor-sharp treble hooks #4 with conical points, deliver superior hook setting performance, dramatically increase your hook up and landing ratio

Fish can’t resist and swim past this lure, thanks to its realistic appearance. The lure has 3D gill plates, 3D lifelike eyes, and a streamlined shad profile. It’s known for its oscillating downward and upward movements to prevent it from getting stuck in the grass and sand.

Anchor Box

RUNCL Anchor Box - Sinking Minnows SM137, Wobbler Fishing Lures, Stick Baits, Hard Fishing Lures (Pack of 4)
  • Lifelike Design: Features natural minnow profile, realistic scale pattern with a reflective flashing finish - external etched scales and gills, 3D lifelike eyes, together with erratic side-to-side action draw predators' attention, convince fish to strike
  • Interior Long-Cast System: Advanced rolling weight transfer system provides deadly, erratic, darting action for long accurate casts, lets you cast into the most timid fish from far away, without spooking them with your boat
  • Premium Treble Hooks: The wide-gap round bend treble hooks (4#) feature ultra-sharp conical points that bite deep and hold hard, allow for quicker penetration and rock solid hooksets on any bass that bites
  • Smooth Swimming Motion: Features the fish-catching action of the original fish, delivers an exceptionally lifelike swimming action that's proven to attract all game fish species
  • Hook Safety Caps: The protective caps keep all your treble hook baits together without tangles or scratches, and the safety caps' hollow design helps hook points stay sharp and dry

Each purchase comes in a 4-pack that includes a stick bait, jerk bait, crankbait, and popper bait. They have a realistic design that will surely catch a fish’s attention. They have an interior long-cast system, allowing you to make precise casts even from afar.

Multi-Jointed Swimbaits and Bass Fishing Lures

RUNCL Multi Jointed Swimbaits, Glide Baits, Bass Fishing Lures - Lifelike Design, Multi-Jointed Body Construction, Loud Rattle, Razor-Sharp Hooks, Repeated Test - Segmented Swimbaits (4pcs)
  • Lifelike Design: Features 3D lifelike eyes, 3D gill plates, vivid tail, top-of-the-line paint schemes, and textured scale pattern finishes, convinces fish to strike and generates trophy caliber bites
  • Jointed Design: Built with multi-jointed body construction with flexible textile fabrics all over the joint sections, delivers an extraordinarily lifelike S-curve action at any speed from blazing fast to super slow, displaces plenty of water and calls hungry bass in from a distance
  • Loud Rattle: The swimbait possesses distinctive loud, flashy attention getters for improved noise, sounds like a dinner bell to big fish, tempt the most tight-lipped bass into biting
  • 2 Bills Available: The larger rounded bill allows the swimbait to dive quickly into the strike zone and deflect off all types of heavy cover without snagging, triggers aggressive reaction bites; the lipless design of the swimbait eliminates the issue of broken diving bills, extends the lifespan of the swimbait
  • Razor-Sharp Hooks: Armed with two premium razor-sharp treble hooks, deliver superior hook setting performance, dramatically increase your hook up and landing ratio

Your target fish won’t be able to distinguish this from the real thing. With its lifelike eyes, vivid colors, and vibrant tail, fish will bite on your hook in no time. The bait has a loud rattle to attract fish, all thanks to the improved noise.

Soft Fishing Lure Kit

Soft fishing lures copy living organisms like larvae, frogs, and worms, which are the favorite dishes of any predator. They’re usually made of soft plastic, soft rubber, silicone, foam rubber, and other soft materials.

ProBite Jointed Swimbaits

RUNCL ProBite Single Jointed Swimbaits Blue Shine, Soft Fishing Lures (4.5in, Pack of 15)
  • Natural Oils: Fitted with highly concentrated, natural oils rendered from live bait, helps to draw fish in and make them hold on longer for more positive hooksets. The swimbait not only looks and moves like a live bait, but also tastes and smells like one
  • Weedless Design: The jointed swimbait is equipped with one hook slot on top and another hook slot in its belly for easier rigging and better hooksets, and helps bury the hook-point to not get snagged up by heavy cover
  • Paddle Tail: The soft swimbaits features a flat high-action paddle tail, helps flap and vibrate with a hard thump, delivers a fish-attracting action that bass have trouble resisting
  • Jointed Design: The segmented design offers hyper-action movement, gives the bait the freedom to kick even at slow speed, allows to displace more water than any other paddle tail on the market and create attention-grabbing action to entice fish in
  • Proven Colors: Tested and proven color helps you match the hatch on any body of water, ideal for any fishing conditions that needs an enhanced action

These baits are saturated with concentrated oils made from live ones. This gives them their realistic smell so your target fish won’t stand a chance. They move like live bait, too. They come with a flat paddle tail that squishes and vibrates once it’s in the water.

ProBite Paddle Tail SwimBaits

RUNCL ProBite Paddle Tail Swimbaits Black Blue, Soft Fishing Lures - Natural Oils, Ribbed Design, Paddle Tail, Hook Slot, Proven Colors - Bass Fishing Lures Baits 09 (2in, Pack of 40)
  • Natural Oils: Fitted with highly concentrated, natural oils rendered from live bait, helps to draw fish in and make them hold on longer for more positive hooksets. The swimbait not only looks and moves like a live bait, but also tastes like one
  • Ribbed Design: The deep ribes allow you to load them up with your favorite scent for that little bit extra if desired, and also help the lure tail to bob along in the current to attract the nearest predator
  • Paddle Tail: The soft swimbaits features a flat high-action paddle tail, helps flap and vibrate with a hard thump, delivers a fish-attracting action that bass have trouble resisting
  • Weedless Design: The paddle tail swimbait is equipped with one hook slot on top and another hook slot in its belly for easier rigging and better hooksets, and helps bury the hook-point to not get snagged up by heavy cover
  • Proven Colors: Tested and proven color helps you match the hatch on any body of water, ideal for any fishing conditions that needs an enhanced action

This 30-pack consists of lures with a unique ribbed design. The deep ribs allow you to fill the baits with natural oils obtained from real bait. Doing this will attract fish 100 times more efficiently.

Topwater Frog Lures

RUNCL Topwater Frog Lures, Soft Fishing Lure Kit with Tackle Box for Bass Pike Snakehead Dogfish Musky (Pack of 5)
  • Lifelike Design: High-resolution body detail, life-like 3D eyes and almost real swimming actions, flawlessly replicates an actual frog or bullfrog, help anglers attract a bigger catch
  • Excellent PVC: The frog lures are produced with environmentally friendly PVC with amazing deliciousness, imitates the taste of an actual frog, hinders the fishing hook from getting spitted
  • Perfect Angle Sitting: The core of gravity for RUNCL frog lures are constantly checked to ensure best angle sitting inside the water, helps with the success of hook up
  • Weedless Design: With hooks embedded into the belly of the frogs, helps to expose the hooks better when the fish strikes, and no concern whatsoever about hanging up by lily pads or weed beds
  • Special Combination: The completely unique fishing tackle box in the marketplace is equipped with 5 different types of frog lures, perfect for all sorts of complicated fishing conditions

These are probably the most realistic frog baits we’ve ever seen. They produce realistic swimming movements that fish won’t be able to tell the difference between them and a real frog. They sit perfectly at an angle in the water as well.

Bass Fishing Jigs

Bass Fishing Jigs Anchor Box

RUNCL Anchor Box - Flipping Jigs, Bass Fishing Jigs 1/2oz - Silicone Skirts, Spike Trailer Keeper, Triangular-Shaped Streamlined Head, Weedguard System, Proven Colors - Fishing Lures (Pack of 4)
  • Silicone Skirts: Hand-tied with wire underneath a 100-strand silicone skirts, offer an increased sensitivity that allows anglers to feel every pebble and identify the lightest bites, and imitate a killer crawfish with an ultra lifelike breathing presentation that will work wonders around your favorite rocky spots
  • Triangular-Shaped Head: The flipping jig features a triangular-shaped head with a flat bottom that is perfectly balanced, allows for a fast fall and ultimate cover deflection. And it's perfect for fishing around all types of hard cover, like rock, wood, boat docks and brush
  • Weedguard System: The weedguard allows the fipping jigs to deflect off cover and navigate through vegetation without snagging as well, and provides a great hook-up ratio
  • Spike Trailer Keeper: The barbed keeper that holds soft trailers tightly and securely in place, and the sleek trailer keeper minimums the damage to the baits, helps expand the lifespan of it
  • Proven Colors: Several eye catching colors produce bites in tough fishing situations. When choosing colors, either match your trailer to the color of the skirt, or use an opposite shade, for example, if you have a dark skirt, use a light-colored trailer and vice versa

These jigs come with high sensitivity. This enables you to feel even the smallest bite, stones, and other obstacles. They’re also fitted with a spike trailer keeper and won’t cling to seaweed. Their dotted designs help increase the chance of bites.

Fishing Jigging Spoons

RUNCL Jigging Lures, Fishing Jigging Spoons 20g - Fish Profile, UV Coating, Gold Finish, 3D Lifelike Eyes, Hand-Tied Bucktail Trailer, Proven Colors - Hard Fishing Lures (Pack of 5)
  • Lifelike Design: Features natural fish profile with 3D lifelike eyes and molded gills for fish-tempting visual enticement. Delivers a fluttering, fish-attracting descent varying in speed depending on weight
  • UV Coating: 1 of the 5 jigging lures are fitted with Ultra-violet (UV) coating, allow it to glow underwater, make maximum use of available light to help fish locate baits, which is proven to pull fish in from a distance
  • Gold Finish: All jigging lures features a sleek profile with gold finish, deliver fish-attracting flash, ideal for casting and jigging presentations in both saltwater and freshwater
  • Sharp Hooks: Equipped with a front single hook with a hand-tied bucktail trailer that produces fish-tempting undulations. And the rear treble hooks (6#) with ultra-sharp conical points that bite deep and hold hard, allow for quicker penetration and rock solid hooksets on any predator that bites
  • Repeated Test: Each bait is hand-tuned and tank-tested for perfect swimming action right out of the box, even gets the undivided attention of other disinterested gamefish

You’ll receive a variety of bright and seductive fish lures in this 5-piece fishing set. One of the lures has an ultra-violet (UV) coating, too, which lets it glow underwater and attract fish from a distance. You can use these spoons for both salt and freshwater applications.

Popper Baits

Poppers post on the surface of the water, in thickets. They don’t have blades and a cut on the front end of the simulator acts as their working element. When jerking, they create squelching sounds and sprays water along their path of movement. These attract an active predator, waiting in ambush for a prey convenient for the attack.

Popper Bait

RUNCL Popper Bait, Walking Bait 5in, Pencil Floating Lure - Lifelike Design, Concave Nose, Side Cup, Rear-Weighted Design, Walk The Dog, Premium Treble Hooks - Topwater Hard Fishing Lure
  • Lifelike Design: Features elegant streamlined minnow profile, 3D lifelike 2-tone eyes, external etched unique gills, with a reflective finish, draw predators' attention, convince fish to strike
  • Concave Nose: The popper baits are crafted with a wide concave nose, create a much deeper gurgling sound and a more aggressive popping action, perfectly mimic a struggling baitfish on the surface, help trigger more bites
  • Side Cup: The unique side cups are added on left and right with front cup, helps to create wide splash and mass of air in water, attracts bass from wide range even in weed area
  • Rear-Weighted Design: The popper baits possess precise weights within the tail section, delivers long, bullet-like casts even when fishing in windy conditions, makes walking the dog effortless and allows the lure to sit tail-down for a splashing, popping action that predator fish can't resist
  • Premium Treble Hooks: Equipped with BKK wide-gap treble hooks (4#) under the belly and BKK wide-gap treble hooks (2#) at the tail, helps bite deep and hold hard, allow for quicker penetration and rock-solid hooksets on any bass that bites

This bait has a wide concave nose that produces a squelching sound to attract your target even further. It has a precise tail for long casting in harsh conditions and comes with treble hooks for a firm hold.

Fishing Reels

Roraima Spinning Fishing Reel

RUNCL Spinning Fishing Reel RORAIMA - 7+1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings, 17.5 LB Carbon Fiber Drag Max, Braid-Ready Spool, CNC-Machined Spool, Full Metal Body for Freshwater Fishing
  • Great Value: RUNCL RORAIMA spinning reel continues its reign of dominance with affordable performance in the fishing field, offers reliability and smoothness yet low on price, turns any angler into a PRO
  • Consistent Operation: NCTM (No Clearance Transmission Mechanism) solid pinion gear, 7+1 precise ball bearings, stainless steel main shaft and sealed triple-disc drag system in RUNCL RORAIMA spinning reel, delivers consistent retrieve and smooth operation
  • Braid-Ready Spool: Fitted with metal braid grip on the spool, which is angler friendly and ready to prevent braid from slipping, eliminates the need for a monofilament backing or tape
  • CNC-Machined Spool: RUNCL RORAIMA is constructed with CNC-machined aluminum alloy spool, helps to spread fishing line properly all over the spool, minimizes line twist for effortless casting
  • Ergonomic Handle: Equipped with ergonomic handle and oversized EVA knob, provides a superior grip and keeps your hands comfortable during a long fishing trip

This is a reliable fishing reel with a very attractive price. It features a triple-disc drag system for quick and smooth retrieval. It also has an ergonomic handle to ensure that your hands won’t get tired from those long fishing trips.

Remiel Baitcasting Fishing Reel

This reel comes with a long and comfortable grip, making it perfect for tournament anglers who are on a budget. It comes with 11 stainless steel ball bearings for smooth operation and corrosion protection in saltwater. It’s equipped with a magnetic brake system as well for a more stable and smoother operation.

Merced Spinning Fishing Reel

RUNCL Spinning Fishing Reel Merced 2000, Spinning Reel - 10+1 HPCR Ball Bearings, Multi-Disc Drag System, CNC Line Management, Smooth Operation, Braid-Ready Spool, Ergonomic Handle - Fishing Reel
  • Highly-Efficient Smooth Operation: Features 10+1 HPCR (High Precision Corrosion Resistant) ball bearings, NCTM (No Clearance Transmission Mechanism) solid zinc alloy pinion gears, high-purity strengthened brass drivetrain, high strength stainless steel main shaft, and multi-disc drag system, deliver smooth and balanced performance that anglers of all levels can appreciate
  • Braid-Ready Spool: Constructed with metal braid grip on the spool, which is angler friendly and ready to prevent braid from slipping, you will never have to bother tying a monofilament backing or tape to the spool any more
  • Unmatched CNC Line Management: The CNC line management system is consisted with CNC-machined aluminum alloy spool, premium bail wire, and built-in slow oscillation system, delivers the line smoothly into the line roller for consistent and reliable line lay on the spool, produces ultra-long, highly-accurate casts so you can cover water more efficiently and quickly
  • Multi-Disc Drag System: Fitted with multi-disc drag system, offers effortless drag pressure and smooth engagement, ensures this reel will be bringing big fish to your boat for years to come
  • Stylish Hollow Out Design: The vented CNC-machined 2-tone aluminum alloy spool and the high strength nylon hollow out rotor with metallic coating, add stylish and significantly reduce the weight of the spinning reel without sacrificing strength and durability

Made of aluminum, this stylish reel is lightweight yet surprisingly durable and strong. The reel has a metal braid for extra comfort for anglers. It’s fitted with a sealed drag system to protect it from dirt, sand, and water.

Braided Fishing Line and Fishing Line

Braided Fishing Line 8 Strands

RUNCL Braided Fishing Line with 8 Strands, Fishing Line PE Material 328Yds/300M with Multiple Colors for Freshwater and Saltwater (328Yds/300M, 40LB(18.1kgs))
  • Premium Raw Materials: The RUNCL braided fishing line is constructed with premium quality raw materials, which is extra durable, and it additionally comes with powerful knot strength
  • 8-Strand Braided Line: The braided fishing line is equipped with 8 strands, that is massively more resistant to wear compared to 4-strand braided line
  • Compact Weaving: The braided line features compact weaving with zero extension, lets you clearly feel even the slightest bite, helps catch every fish that nibbles on your line
  • Smooth & No Burr: This braided line contains smooth plait without burr and allow you to conveniently pass the lines through the rod guides for improved casting experience
  • Lesser Diameter: The braided fishing line comes with a smaller diameter; it assists you to wind extra fishing line to your spool

This fishing line consists of eight strands. This allows the line to be more wear-resistant compared to other models. It’s made of quality materials to enhance its strength and reliability. It features a smooth plait for better casting.

PowerMono Fishing Line Monofilament Fishing Line

RUNCL PowerMono Fishing Line, Monofilament Fishing Line - Ultimate Strength, Shock Absorber, Suspend in Water, Knot Friendly - Mono Fishing Line (Clear, 4LB(1.8kgs), 300yds)
  • Ultimate Strength: The PowerMono's amazing strength allows it to withstand sudden, aggressive strikes and deliver solid hooksets, provides excellent shock strength, abrasion resistance and knot strength for maximum castability
  • Suspend in Water: PowerMono fishing line is constructed from less density for neutral buoyancy, meaning it sinks slowly and actually suspends in water, makes it an huge advantage when fishing topwater baits and buoyant treble hooked lures
  • Shock Absorber: The PowerMono features a certain degree of stretch, acts as an effective shock absorber when a big fish hits your line hard, prevents all of that stress from transferring to your knots and causing a failure at the line’s weakest point. The stretch of the mono helps keep hooks where they need to be when bass ‘throw’ the lures during the fight, helps with the success of hook up
  • Knot Friendly: PowerMono fishing line is very easy to tie, allows the knot seat just right to avoid knot breakage or slippage, and generally superior to braid and fluoro in terms of knot strength. Ideal for going after larger fish that require larger diameter lines
  • Low- & High-Vis Options: Available in both low- and high-vis options to match any fishing condition you will encounter. Clear and Low-Vis Green are always solid choices, and with Hi-Vis gold for nymphing or aging eyes

This fishing line can withstand sudden blows and won’t wear out or discolor. It has neutral buoyancy, which means it slowly sinks in water. This makes the line a perfect choice if you’re fishing almost on the surface. You also have the option between a high and low-visibility line.

PowerFluoro Fishing Line

RUNCL PowerFluoro Fishing Line, 100% Fluorocarbon Coated Fishing Line, Hybrid Line - Virtually Invisible, Faster Sinking, Low Stretch, Extra Sensitivity, Abrasion Resistance (300Yds, 5LB(2.3kgs))
  • Hybrid Line: The PowerFluoro is constructed of a 100% fluorocarbon outer coating with copolymer core, the fluorocarbon coating produces outstanding shock strength, abrasion resistance and knot strength to deliver the ultimate in impact strength, and added copolymer adds flexibility, knot strength and reduced memory
  • Virtually Invisible: The fluorocarbon's light-refractive index is nearly identical to water, makes line virtually invisible to fish in the water for a stealthy presentation, which could be used in any water conditions
  • Ultimate Strength: The PowerFluoro's amazing strength allows it to withstand sudden, aggressive strikes and delivers solid hooksets, provides excellent shock strength, abrasion resistance and knot strength for maximum castability
  • Faster Sinking: Features high-density construction with non-absorbency (it won't freeze, which makes it great for ice fishing), helps to sink faster than monofilament of the same diameter, allows lures to rapidly reach the desired trolling depth to catch the fish
  • Low Stretch & Extra Sensitivity: Possess a constant uniform diameter with low stretch and extra sensitivity, letting you feel even the slightest bite from fish. You'll soon see your catch ratio shooting up!

This fishing line is made of a 100% fluorocarbon outer coating with a copolymer core. This contributes to the line’s abrasion resistance, impressive shock strength, and knot strength. We highly recommend this line for ice fishing since it doesn’t freeze and is very well-made.

Accessories and Tool Sets

Digital Fishing Scale

RUNCL Digital Fishing Scale, Portable Luggage Scale, Weight Scale 110lb/50kgs- LCD Display, Data Lock Function, Auto-Off, 63" Built-in Measuring Tape, Nickel Plated Hook - Fish Scale (Blue)
  • LCD Display: Features an easy-to-read LCD digital display for enhanced viewing, even in direct sunlight, and also comes with back light for low light and evening conditions
  • User-friendly: Data lock function holds the weight for convenient reading, auto-off saves power for maximum battery life, over load indication avoids damage, low battery indication lets you know when to replace the two AAA batteries (included), 63" built-in tape offers easy measurement, 3 weight display options provides you with the ability to display weight in LB, KG, OZ
  • Nickel Plated Hook: Includes a nickel plated hook, rust-resistant and abrasion-resistant, and it provides an alternative way of holding your catch securely and allows you to easily release the fish when you're done weighing it
  • Tare Weight: Equipped with a tare weight function (to zero the unit for weighing in a bag or container), so you will get the most accurate and precise measurement possible
  • Auto-Off: Fitted with an auto-off feature (automatically turns off after 60s of idleness), saves power for maximum battery life. Complete with a battery display, lets you know when to replace the two AAA batteries (included)

This fishing scale is equipped with an LCD screen, making it backlit for nighttime. You’ll also be able to see everything clearly even under direct sunlight. It has a low battery indicator as well as an automatic shutdown to help conserve battery life. The hook is made of nickel to hold the fish perfectly and for easy release when needed.

Chest Waders Waist-High Waders Bootfoot Waders

RUNCL Chest Waders, Waist-High Waders, Bootfoot Waders - Reinforced Nylon Outer Layer, Seamless Breathable Tech, Ergonomic Design, Fly Patch - Wader Fishing Fly Fishing Hunting (Brown, M6/W8)
  • Warm Tips: For a better fit, please watch the video titled "how to choose the perfect fitting chest waders" in the photo section or video section, and then check out the size chart to choose the best fitting waders before placing an order
  • Lightweight & Durable: Constructed with tightly woven reinforced nylon outer layer and ripstop PVC inside, provides extra durability needed while remains lightweight for unhindered mobility, delivers long-lasting, weather-defying performance
  • Watertight & Breathable: Features RUNCL Seamless Breathable Tech (RSBT), all internal seams are glued and stitched with extra-wide seam-seal tape for 100% watertight reliability, locks water out while providing enhanced breathability, keeps you fresh and comfortable all day long
  • Angling-Specific Design: The chest wader is fitted with high sides & a drawstring top, provides maximum coverage and protection with a custom-like fit; a wading belt prevents flooding. Foam board hooks lures or flies; zippered splash-tight chest pocket for license, keys and valuables, together with 2 flip-out side pockets, offers quick access to frequently used items, saving valuable moments on the water
  • Built-in Boots: The heavy-duty booties are shaped and contoured for all-day comfort and have nonslip grippers on the bottom of the booties to keep them from shifting inside boots. If you have wide feet or you need to wear thick socks, we recommend you choose one or two sizes larger than usual

What we like about this suit is it’s both lightweight and durable. It’s waterproof and breathable to provide comfort the entire day. This suit will protect you right down to your armpits and includes heavy-duty booties and pockets for other accessories.

Fishing Rod Sleeves and Reel Bag

RUNCL Casting Rod Socks, Fishing Rod Sleeves, Fishing Pole Sleeves (Black, 2pcs)
  • Premium Materials: The rod sleeves are made of high quality synthetic woven materials that is impervious to salt, mildew and rust, which would last many years to come
  • Protection Solution: Features tightly woven mesh materials and double-layer horn opening, the rod protection sleeves easily slide over the end of your rods to protect the blank from damage during rough boat rides and transportation, eliminate guide or hook hangups in your rod locker or garage
  • Adjustable Locking Cord: The rod cases are fitted with an adjustable clasp, allow anglers to secure them in place to any rod between 6'6" and 7'6" in length, keep your investments neatly organized so that you can enjoy more time on the water with less hassle
  • Space Saver: The pole sleeves are equipped with an elastic lanyard, make it much easier to hang the rod sleeves to any hook on the wall, occupy little space to save much more space, which is also conveniently cinched into a small spool while not in use
  • Perfect Storage: Ideal for storing your fishing rods in rod lockers, trucks, or just keeping them protected during the offseason, RUNCL fishing rod sleeves make it more convenient to store rods with lures tied on

This product is a must to help you carry your reel safely. It has a soft inner material to make the reel scratch and shock-resistant. The rod sleeves protect your rod from rust, mildew, and corrosion. The socks are made of synthetic woven materials, too, to help them last longer.

Fishing Hook Remover

RUNCL Fishing Hook Remover Extractor, Fish Hook Remover Saltwater, Fish Release Tool - Squeeze Out, Long Nose, Spring Loaded Widen Handle - Ice Fishing Hook Remover Fishing Dehooker - Green 10.6"
  • 【10.6" Aluminum Alloy Long Nose Fish Hook Remover】: Our this fishing hook remover equipped with longer nose than needle nose pliers, can reach deep into the fish mouth, never worry about injury. The aluminum alloy tube is much more firm and durable than plastic ones. Size: Total Length: 10.6inch(27cm), Tube Length: 9inch(23cm)
  • 【Squeeze Out Fish Hook Extractor】: The fishing hook extractor constructed with spring-loaded trigger handle, makes it more convenient to take off fishing hooks with only just one hand even in a wet or cold situation, easy to work with
  • 【Stainless Steel Rounded Hook】: The removal hook is designed to be more rounded, less harm to fish mouth and fishing line. And there're two small groove on the tube opeing, help to fix the fish hook firmly and avoid slippage. Stainless steel material avoid rust and keeps a long last life time
  • 【Widen Hollow Out ABS Handle】:Ergonomic design, features in widen handle with anti-slip rubber strips, offers a solid grip even with wet hands; the hollow-out handle made of high strength ABS significantly reduces the weight without sacrificing strength and durability
  • 【Fish Hook Remover Saltwater】: This fish hook remover tool especially made of aluminum alloy tube and stainless steel hook material, which can provides high durability and strong bite force, delivers corrosion resistance in saltwater environment

This hook remover lets you reach your hook from the mouth of the fish at a safe distance. It boasts a spring-loaded mechanism to allow you to do this singlehandedly. This product also has non-slip rubber strips, which enable you to remove the hook even with a wet hand.


Runcl is a company known for producing quality yet affordable fishing gear and equipment. It was created by fishing enthusiasts who know exactly what you need for a successful fishing trip.

We introduced you to some of the top products the brand offers. Give their products a go and take your experience to a whole new level!

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