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The Best SouthBend Fishing Rod In 2021

Fishing rods are the backbones of your entire fishing gear. If you fail to choose the right one, it may cause your chance to glory. If it isn’t flexible enough, it would only break while trying to retrieve your catch and make the fish run away. The perfect rod makes the difference between coming home with a great catch and catching a bunch of small fish.

A fishing rod can start simple. You can start with a flexible stick with a line and hook, then progress to professional rods made of complex materials. The difference lies in the ease of use and reliability. Professional rods are designed for the type of fishing you want and are a great help in landing the fish.

Let’s look at the most famous fishing rod SouthBend has to offer. The company is known for making quality fishing rods, so let’s review what you can expect from their offering.

What is the Best SouthBend Fishing Rod Available?

South Bend Worm Gear Spinning Fishing Combo

This product is specially made for youth and beginner anglers! The rod in this package comes in three different colors, namely blue, orange, and green. These give you an interesting-looking rod when hanging out with your buddies.

The rods have a fiberglass blank and come with ceramic guides. The reel seat is made of graphite and features an EVA foam handle for increased comfort and a better grip.

It’s so easy to handle that even a 10-year old can use it! With that, this makes it a great rod to teach your child how to fish. The girth and strike are flawless and you’ll surely enjoy every second of your fishing trip with this fantastic rod. It’s perfect for fishing any size of fish and you can easily use it in any fishing location.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Easy to use and perfect for teaching young kidsThe rod can be a little short
Very affordable and has good qualityA basic combo, may not suit more professional anglers
Comes pre-spooledYou can’t choose the colors when purchasing online

How Do I Choose the Best Fishing Rod?

Let’s now talk about what to look for when shopping for rods. These apply to beginners and professionals since things change and you have to stay updated with the latest features.


There are many types of fishing rods, including bait casting rods, spinning rods, and fly rods. The one you choose depends on what type of fishing you want to practice.

Fishing rods are normally classified after what bait they support. The only two exemptions I can think of are ice fishing and trolling rods. Ice fishing rods are used when fishing through a small hole in the ice. Trolling rods, on the other hand, drag the bait behind boats on the move.


Modern fishing rods can be made of various materials, such as fiberglass composite, carbon fiber composite, and graphite. Traditional and classic approaches use bamboo.

Fishermen usually prefer rods made of bamboo, fiberglass, and graphite. Here are the main differences:

  • Bamboo – bamboo rods are the heaviest and anglers use them for their feel. I don’t recommend starting with a bamboo rod if you’re a beginner.
  • Fiberglass – fiberglass rods are popular both for beginners and professionals. They’re lighter than bamboo rods and cheaper compared to graphite rods. Fiberglass rods are also more durable, so those who normally fish on rougher water prefer them.
  • Graphite – graphite rods are light and allow you to do more accurate and farther casts. They’re more sensitive, too, which means you can easily feel it once a fish bites.

You can also buy several accessories for your fishing rod to help you catch and keep the biggest fish in your area.

Fish Size

Rods can come in many configurations, lengths, sizes, and actions (how long it takes to return to a neutral position.) These will all depend on the size of your target. Fish is usually classified as small, medium, and large. You also have to consider if you’re fishing in fresh or saltwater.

Shape and Weight

A nicely shaped rod gradually tapers from the bottom to the tip smoothly and progressively.


No matter what type of material you choose, you’ll need a good grip on your rod. Most anglers and fishermen prefer cork since it’s durable and can transmit rod vibrations.

Other SouthBend Rods that You Can Choose From:


There’s always the right fishing rod for you no matter how big or small your budget is. You only have to follow the rules listed above to find the perfect rod for you.

Take this SouthBend fishing rod as an example. It doesn’t cost a fortune, but it’s durable, sensitive, and flexible enough to meet your fishing needs.

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