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The Best Allnice Fishing Rod Cases 2021 Review

Many anglers and fishermen consider fishing both as a hobby and sport. Owning good fishing rod cases is a must to enjoy the activity the way it should be enjoyed.

Properly storing your rods helps enhance their protection and durability to make sure you get the most of their effectiveness. If you’re looking for a fishing rod case, then please take note of this post to help with the buying process. Our main goal is to help you make the right purchasing decision, which is why we wrote this guide to make the selection process easier.

What is the Allnice Company?

Allnice is a brand that specializes in making pet supplies, outdoor sports gear, tools, and home and kitchen equipment.

You can find their fishing equipment under the “outdoor sports” tab. We’ll focus more on their best-selling fishing rod cases, which remain their most popular products in the fishing category.

The great thing about this brand is it finds a balance between price and quality. For instance, their fishing rod cases are so well-made that you won’t believe they come with such a friendly price tag. We haven’t tried their products ourselves yet. But, after reading all the reviews, they’ll certainly be a part of our Christmas wish list.

What is are Fishing Rod Cases?

Do you always casually throw your fishing equipment into the back of your vehicle while traveling? If yes, then it’s time for you to buy fishing rod cases.

As their name suggests, they’re a casing for your fishing equipment. They’re crucial for the storage, transportation, and protection of your equipment, especially if you have a lot of them.

Fishing rod cases help you carry your rods at once instead of lugging them on their own over long distances.

What Fishing Products are Allnice Most Famous For?

When it comes to fishing, Allnice is most famous for its quality fishing rod cases. You can choose from any of the following:

Allnice Durable Canvas Fishing Rod Case

This is the more famous fishing product from the company. This lightweight and uniquely styled rod and reel bag provide all your basic needs on your next fishing trip.

It’s made of high-grade polyester for durability to ensure it works just as good as when you first got it.  It also comes with ample space for tons of storage and padded shoulder straps for comfort and portability.

The case includes sectioned compartments on the outside that let you store up to five fishing rods and reels. It has a roomy interior to store the rest of your gear to make sure that nothing gets left behind. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable as well, which you can extend up to 13 inches in width and 14 inches in height. This fishing rod case includes a fastener strap on the outside to offer extra security while traveling.

This Allnice Durable Canvas Fishing Rod Case is available in five colors: khaki, khaki green, black, camo, and multicolor. The bag doesn’t stand on its own, but you can easily make some adjustments to achieve this. It will come in a 1.4-pound package once purchased.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Can hold five rods and reelsInsufficient stitching and low-quality zippers are a huge turn-off
Made of high-grade polyester 
Comes with padded shoulder straps 
You can easily store it when not in use 

Allnice 59in Oxford Fishing Pole Bag

This two-layer fishing rod case is made of thick Oxford cloth, has two main compartments, and two front pockets. This ample storage space is useful when storing all your fishing gear and accessories to keep them in order. It also comes with two hand straps and an adjustable shoulder strap for hand and one-shoulder carry.

Its roomy design holds your fishing rods, reels, baits, and other fishing tools in place and mess-free. The thick oxford cloth makes the bag extremely tear and abrasion-resistant. It features a rust-proof zipper, double stitches, and reinforced piping at all edges for added durability. This product comes with an internal waterproof coating, too, to make sure your fishing gear stays fully protected.

This rod holder bag has a huge opening and double-zipper closures to quickly place and reach for your fishing tackles. It uses a soft material so you can fold and put it in your backpack or store it when not in use.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Made with two layers for extreme durabilityNone, this bag is too good to be true
Extremely waterproof 
Easy to store and saves storage space 
Lots of storage space 

What Do I Look For in Fishing Rod Cases?

There are plenty of options when looking for fishing rod cases that it can feel overwhelming. Here are some features you may want to consider:


Great quality means a longer life span. It means enhanced durability as well so you can use your bag for a longer period.


This can be the most crucial factor depending on your needs. The material you choose dictates how protected and preserved your fishing rods are.

Canvas and other stronger materials on the outside are best for superior water resistance or protection from accidental damages. Nylon, on the other hand, is your best option if you worry about storing your bag when not in use.


It’s only logical to go bigger if you plan to keep more than one rod in your bag. A bigger case lets you keep all your rods and equipment organized, no matter if you’re traveling or just for storage. The size and weight will also play a huge factor if you plan to travel with the case via air. Remember that each airline has different size and weight restrictions.


This is a concern if you’ll be carrying your bag for long periods or over long distances. Invest in a bag that has extra shoulder paddings to save you from a world of discomfort.

Extra Pockets

Always keep storage and organization in mind. Chances are you won’t go on that fishing trip with rods alone. Having extra pockets allows you to bring other essentials like bait, or even your car keys, close to you.

Wide Opening

A large opening allows you to easily and quickly store and remove your equipment from the bag. This way, you don’t have to rummage through your bag once you’ve already started fishing.

How Do I Travel with Fishing Gear?

Are you done planning and preparing for your next fishing trip? Good for you! Just keep these tips in mind. They could be the difference between returning with a full cooler or empty-handed.

Here are some tips when traveling with your trusted gear:

Trolling or Travel Rods?

Four-piece travel rods are great if you plan to bring small lures and go light fly fishing. However, if you plan to go for something bigger, we suggest bringing at least two heavy trolling rods. You can then save a travel rod for some fun time on the beach.

The US Transportation Security Administration says that you can take travel rods as carry-ons. Just make sure to tape them together so they don’t get damaged throughout the flight. But, for heavier equipment like trolling or beach-casting rods, you may need to check them in as sports equipment instead. Most airlines won’t charge an excess baggage fee. With that, make sure to check the airline’s website about their sports equipment luggage policies.


You won’t have any issues with packing reels since they don’t have dangerous parts. You can take them with you in your carry-on to prevent damage or loss. Trolling reels rarely fit in carry-ons so remember to pad them well in your check-in bag.

Always remove the line from the reel before storing them in your hold baggage.

Lures and Flies

Make sure to check all sharp items. Having a box full of lures, flies, and large hooks will only give you trouble at security. If you really need to have lures, write to the airline and ask about their rules for fishing hooks/lures/flies. If you get a positive response, make sure to print it out and take the copy on your trip.

Other Equipment

Use your common sense when deciding which fishing gear to bring. For instance, liquid fly floatants, metal rod holders, and knives are a no-no. Make sure to check them in. If you have tons of unusual equipment, show up at the airport a few hours than normal. This will allow for extra time if they let you check in anything.

You may also want to check your vest’s pockets for any leftover equipment from the previous trip.

Other Allnice Fishing Products You May Want to Check Out


It’s impossible to have a successful fishing trip without the right gear and tools. We hope this post made you realize how important fishing rod cases are and why you should get one for your next trip. We also included some links to the best ones that you can purchase from Allnice.

Happy shopping and fishing!

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