ProControll EZ Mount 2: Bow Trolling Motor Mount For Fishing

Anglers developed the Pro Controll line of products. This Pro Controll mount will allow you to mount your hand-controlled trolling motor on the bow of most Jon or utility boats.

ProControll EZ Mount 2

This is a replacement bracket that allows you to move your motor to the bow of the boat. The item does not come with a hinge assembly; you remove the pin on the existing bracket, slide off, and replace it. For the full details, you can visit the Amazon page here.

How does the Pro control EZ Mount 2 fit on the boat?

The Pro Controll EZ Mount trolling motor mount is designed for use on a V-bottom or Jon boat’s bow. What makes it easy to install is the adjustable underside bracket. You will not need any tools, just some agile fingers to do the fitting.

The mount only takes a few minutes to install and will fit top rails that are 3″ in diameter or less. Additionally, the item can be fitted on the gunnel if preferred. There is a maximum 40lb thrust recommendation, which is advisable to stay within.

How do I install the Pro Control EZ Mount 2?

Here are the steps to installing the motor mount:

  1. REMOVE EXISTING BRACKET With the hammer and punch.
  2. Remove the hinge pin from the trolling motor bracket.
  3. Remove Bracket.
  4. Replace with EZ Mount 2 bracket by lining up the holes on EZ Mount 2 bracket with the holes on the hinge bracket and replace the pin.

If placing a motor on front of boat:

  1. Remove the small bolt that secures the trolling motor head to the shaft.
  2. Turn head 180° so that the steering handle (tiller) and the propeller face the same direction.

Mounting the Pro Control EZ Mount to a boat:

  1. Loosen the bracket by loosening the skewer lever so the bracket will move freely.
  2. Loosen the skewer by pulling out on the lever (open) and further loosening the nut at the opposite end by hand.
  3. Loosen clamp screws so that the mounting bracket will slide over the boat railing, keeping the clamp screws on the boat’s inside.
  4. Position mounting bracket resting firmly on the side rail of the boat.
  5. Hold mounting bracket against the outside of the boat rail with mounting base in a vertical (plumb) position slide bracket against the outside of the hull.
  6. Then tighten the nut on the skewer firmly by the hand, then re-clamp or push the lever on the opposite end shut.
  7. With bracket secured, tighten clamp screws against the inside of the boat. Do not overtighten.
  8. After securing, check to see that the mount is in a vertical (plumb) position. If not, loosen clamp screws and bracket and repeat steps 4 and 5.

Videos are available on how to fit if needed, just take a look at Youtube.

The Pro Control EZ Mount Pros:

  • It’s so simple and quick to install; you’ll be trolling in minutes!
  • Now, you can put your hand-controlled trolling motor on any boat’s bow that has a 3 inch or less top rail or gunnel.
  • The ProControll EZ Mount 2 system is designed to outlast the trolling motor!
  • EZ Mount 2 is a universal bracket that receives any transom mount electric trolling motor for placement virtually anywhere. 

The Pro Control EZ Mount Cons:

  • I am concerned regarding a couple of the feedbacks and the lack of ratings. (7 at time of writing article).
  • The version shown below has higher feedback ratings and raises far fewer concerns.

ProControll EZ Trolling Motor Mount

How do I install the original Pro Control EZ Mount?

Here are the steps to installing the motor mount:

  1. Remove the pin from the bracket.
  2. Slide the original bracket off.
  3. Slide the EX Mount 2on.
  4. Replace the pin.
  5. Place motor on the bow mount.

As you can see, the item can be mounted easily and in just a few minutes without any tools. For the full details, you can visit the Amazon page here.

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