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Palmyth Fishing Gloves 2021 Review

Almost all outdoor activities require specialty gloves to be able to perform them properly. So, let’s say you enjoy many outdoor sports, like fishing, shooting, and hiking. Can you imagine how much you’ll spend on a pair of gloves for each activity? That would be at least your three months’ worth of savings if you were to buy the best quality gloves!

Thankfully, the Palmyth Gloves are here. These life-saving pairs are all you need for your outdoor sports. An all-rounder, the pairs have excellent protective properties. For instance, fly fishing is a heat isolation task. For you to enjoy it in the cold weather, you need these pairs to have seamless fun.

What Products are Palmyth Most Famous For?

Palmyth Flexible Gloves

When it comes to popularity, the Palmyth Flexible Gloves is hands down the best product the company offers. You see, it’s difficult to enjoy outdoor activities without the right protection, especially for your hands. When your hands feel cold to the point of freezing, it’s impossible to do almost anything.

Just take note that these fishing gloves may not save you from extremely harsh winters. However, you can still enjoy wearing them in the cold and stay comfortable in terms of warmth, dexterity, and grip. What I’m trying to say is they’re still a great pair for cold weather use.

The best part? These are probably the best affordable gloves below $50 that you can get on the market today. Here are the main features of these gloves:

3-Fingers Flip Caps

A lot of people used to hate wearing thick winter gloves since they limit the dexterity of your hands and fingers. It’s also annoying not being able to move your fingers freely or grab something easily.

Luckily, Palmyth has an answer for that. This innovation allows you to easily move your fingers even without taking the gloves off. The pair has three magnetic fingers for the thumb, and fore and middle fingers. Flipping the caps back will expose part of your fingers for improved dexterity.

The only problem is it can make your fingers turn cold if you leave the caps off for too long. But, I don’t see this as a big issue and still consider them a great buy. Besides, this is more manageable compared to your whole hand being bare under the chilly weather, right?

Stretchable and Breathable Fabric

These gloves are made of a water-resistant and stretchable outer shell. This feature lets you put the gloves comfortably without the rigid feel. The gloves also have a pre-curved design to make it easier to grip things without much issue.

Another plus is they’re made with breathable materials. Wearing winter gloves can cause your hands to sweat a lot. Wearing gloves with a breathable fabric helps wick the unnecessary moisture away.

Adjustable Wrist Straps

This is an often overlooked feature, but it’s really important. Cold breeze (or worse, rain or snow) can get inside your gloves if you wear something too loose. This is why I always recommend getting a pair with a snug fit.

Palmyth fishing gloves come with Velcro wrist straps. Meaning, you can easily adjust the tightness of your gloves around the wrist to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. Plus, they have silicone palm prints to let you grip things properly. These will help prevent your gear from slipping off your hands.


All fishing gloves need to be weatherproof because you’ll most likely expose them to harsh weather conditions. This Palmyth product brings just that and is water-resistant.

Just remember that they’re only made for accidental water exposures. This means that prolonged exposure or intentional dipping them in water will still make them wet. So, if you wear this outside and it rains, these gloves can’t keep your hands dry for too long.

Tri-Layer Interior for Extra Warmth

These gloves are nicely well-insulated considering their price. They come with a soft fleece lining to provide the comfort your hands need. These gloves feature a TPU membrane, too, for better weatherproofing abilities.

They’re made of materials that keep your fingers and hands dry and toasty the whole day on normal winter days. I just suggest looking for another option if you’re planning to head out on the coldest of days.

What I LikeWhat I Didn’t Like
Versatile, you can use them for other outdoor activities besides fishingNot made for extremely cold weather (not really a con, just something I thought I’d mention. The brand even said they’re only good for temperatures 36F and above.)
Come with flip-caps for fingers 
Have silicone palm prints for a better grip 
Provide more dexterity 
Feature a secret warmer pocket inside 

Palmyth 2-Cut Neoprene Fishing Gloves

Popular among sports enthusiasts, these gloves are known for their comfort and flexibility. They have great construction and you can easily move your fingers and palm with their 4-way stretching options.

They feature an open vent on top of the fingers to ensure more comfort. This is a great feature if you love fishing for longer periods. They can get your hands warmer than you’d expect even in the cold.

However, I don’t advise taking them off since the vents make them very vulnerable in incredibly low temperatures. They aren’t 100% waterproof and once your fingers get in contact with the water, you’re at risk of freezing.

I believe this is a great investment at under $20. Some people say that they don’t work well on extremely cold days. But, for me, if you’re fishing on relatively cold water, they serve their purpose right. Here are the key features of this pair:


The gloves are made of neoprene and are stretchable to make sure that they can fit most hands. The cuff and the back of the palm are made of neoprene, too, to make them highly windproof.

The palm area is reinforced with synthetic leather to help improve your grip. The Velcro straps allow them to always stay put.


The gloves work well with no leakage when there’s light rain. They leave your hands perfectly warm and dry.

They are, however, not fully waterproof so you can’t expect them to protect your hands from adverse weather. They will get wet if you submerge them in water for a long time.


This product has a breathable inner fabric to wick away any moisture from your hands once they get warm and perspire. They also do a good job even if it gets icy outside. They feature a 4-layer construction that dries quickly to ensure optimal breathability.


Velcro straps at the wrists are fully adjustable to fit any wrist size and to ensure they give a snug fit. The Velcro is also durable, so you’re sure that the straps don’t lose their sturdiness.

You can use a pin to remove any fluff to make sure they stay completely functional.


Neoprene cuffs fully wrap your wrists to lock out all weather elements. This ensures your hands stay dry and warm. You can also push them under the cuffs of your wading jacket for added protection.


Their 2-cut design allows more finger maneuverability and dexterity. Plus, the design also lets you close the finger caps to give a full-fingered design. I think this is a commendable feature because it lets you do more without getting your hands cold. You can also easily interact with your smartphone, tools, and other equipment you may need during the trip.

This is great because it’s like having two sets of gloves in just one pair.


These gloves are available in three different sizes: medium, large, and extra-large. When choosing a size, measure the length of your palm and check the sizing chart on Palmyth’s website. Always go a size bigger to make sure your comfort and finger dexterity don’t get compromised.

UV Protection

This is what I like the most about these gloves. The protection may not be as much as the other Palmyth products, but it’s reasonable enough.

The gloves don’t use artificial sprays. Instead, the protection is woven into the neoprene fabric itself. They help protect your hands from sunburn, aging, and skin toughening.

What I LikeWhat I Didn’t Like
Breathable and water-resistantNot completely waterproof, not suitable for very harsh weather
Come with UV protection 
Easy to wash and maintain 
Have durable Velcro straps 
Interchangeable 2-cut design 
Provide a great fit and are available in many sizes 

Other Palmyth Gloves Worth Checking Out


Palmyth is a famous brand that focuses on affordability in almost all its products. You’ll often find many products, especially gloves, which are less than $50. Remember that safety is still important even while you’re having fun. Safety gear is much cheaper than how much you may spend treating injuries that you would have prevented.

This article has shown you two of the most popular gloves Palmyth currently offers. I hope you would consider the brand the next time you’re on the market for fishing gloves.

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