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If you are looking for fishing apparel, you may have heard of Huk Gear. The Huk fishing apparel brand offers many different clothing items for youth, men, and women and is very popular among fishing enthusiasts. But what exactly does Huk Gear have to offer?

This article will look at Huk Gear and Huk fishing clothing‘s background, the items they offer, and the usefulness of their items when it comes to fishing. 

HUK Men’s Double Header Vented Long Sleeve Premium Fishing Shirt

Huk fishing apparel details covered in this article:

  1. Huk fishing apparel background
  2. What item types does Huk provide?
  3. What material are the Huk items made of?
  4. Why are the Huk shirts good for fishing?

If you are looking for fishing apparel, you may have heard of Huk Gear. This brand offers many different clothing items for youth, men, and women and is very popular among fishing enthusiasts. But what exactly does Huk Gear have to offer? This article will look at the background of Huk Gear and Huk fishing clothing, the items they offer, and the usefulness of their items when it comes to fishing. 

Huk Gear: A Background

Huk Gear, Huk Performance Apparel, Huk Fishing Apparel, or just simply known as Huk, is a fishing-oriented apparel brand focused on outdoor-friendly shirts, shorts, hats, and gaiters, as well as other clothing. 

The company belongs to Marolina Outdoor, Inc.s founded in 2014 by Ben Verner, Jason Hart, Doc Reed, and Josh Reed. 

A company based in Charleston, South Carolina, Marolina Outdoor, Inc. also owns the Nomad hunting apparel brand — and both Huk and Nomad were founded with the idea of bringing extensive outdoors expertise to their products.   

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What Item Types Does Huk Gear Provide?

Huk Gear provides a number of fishing-related apparel items in men’s, women’s, and youth lines. 

Huk Gear’s men’s clothing line includes:

  • long-sleeved sport fishing shirts, 
  • short-sleeved sport fishing shirts, 
  • long-sleeved solid collared shirts, 
  • long-sleeved plaid collared shirts, 
  • short-sleeved plaid collared shirts, 
  • button-down shirts, 
  • t-shirts, 
  • camouflage jackets, 
  • rain jackets, 
  • fishing bibs, 
  • gunwale pants, 
  • fishing shorts, 
  • sweatshirts, 
  • hoodies, 
  • lace-up sneakers, 
  • waterproof boots, 
  • hats, 
  • caps,
  • boxer briefs, 
  • sun gloves, and 
  • gaiters. 

Huk Gear’s women’s clothing line includes: 

  • long-sleeved sports fishing shirts, 
  • long-sleeved sport fishing hoodies, 
  • button-down-collared fishing shirts, 
  • t-shirts, 
  • tank tops, 
  • fishing shorts, 
  • journey pants, 
  • sweatpants, 
  • hats, and 
  • gaiters. 

Huk Gear’s youth clothing line includes: 

  • long-sleeved sports fishing shirts, and 
  • fishing shorts. 

Huk Gear offers a diverse line of patterns and designs. These include camouflage patterns, simple brand name logo designs, solid colors, plaid, designer prints, and logos. 

Its sport fishing shorts, pants, and bibs offer angling-friendly zippers, pockets, and other fittings.  

HUK Fishing UPF 50+ Lightweight Icon X Camo Fade Long Sleeve Shirt

What Materials Are Huk Gear Items Made Of?

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Huk Gear products is that they are made of fishing-friendly materials. 

The most common material of Huk Gear materials — that of their sports fishing shirts, gaiters, and hoodies — is a poly-knit polyester. Most of their long-sleeved shirts, gaiters, sun gloves, and hoodies are made completely of this material.

Huk Gear men’s shorts are of 95% modal, 5% spandex materials. Their button-down men’s shirts are completely polyester, or a nylon, polyester, or spandex blend. Men’s jackets and fishing bibs are made of either 100% polyester or 100% nylon. 

Huk Gear shoes are generally made of rubber, canvas, and leather. 

Huk Gear women’s and youth sports fishing shirts are made of polyester, while women’s hoodies are made of a polyester-spandex blend.  

Why Are Huk Shirts Good For Fishing?

Huk Gear shirts and apparel are good for fishing because they are specifically tailored to offer protection to anglers. The following describes the sport-fishing friendly aspects of Huk Gear products. 

Sun Protection

Huk Gear clothing offers extensive sun protection, with shirts, shorts, gloves, and gaiters made to protect against skin-aging UVA rays and sunburn-causing UVB rays. They also have a high ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF (see below). 

Moisture Transport

Huk Gear states that their clothing — such as gloves and shirts — are made of hydrophobic materials. These materials are designed to remove sweat or water from the skin and transport the moisture to areas of the material where it can evaporate quickly. 

Stain Resistance

If you are handling fish or cutting bait, you are probably used to the scales, oils, and flesh that can stick to your clothing as a result. For this, the materials in Huk Gear gloves, shirts, and bibs are specially treated to be resistant to fish innards and oils — as well as easily washable. 

I.C.E. Technology

Huk Gear offers a cooling feature in many of its products — using what the company refers to as Internal Cooling Element (I.C.E.) technology. Their garments use xylitol in their fabric to create an endothermic reaction, pulling heat away from the skin and dissipating it to the outside.  

Anti-Microbial Properties

As you probably know, fishing can be a dirty job. Because of this, many Huk Gear apparel items feature anti-microbial properties. Unlike normal clothes, their garments are treated to specifically inhibit odor-causing bacteria from growing, keeping you comparatively odor-free. 

UPF Features

Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or UPF, standards are ways of measuring the protection of fabrics against UVA and UVB rays. 

UPF numbers are based on fractions. A fabric with a UPF of 30, for example, will block all but 1/30th of the incoming UV rays. This means you are given 97.4% protection against harmful UV rays. 

A fabric with a UPF of 50 will block all but 1/50th of incoming UV rays. This means that 2 percent of UV is allowed, giving you 98% UV protection.

UPF numbers above 25 offer very good UV protection, while UPF numbers over 40 offer excellent UV protection. 

Fortunately, Huk Gear products often boast UPF numbers of UPF 30+ or UPF 50+. This offers ample protection for fishing enthusiasts who plan to spend plenty of time in the sun. 


With Huk Gear’s products consisting mostly of lightweight but durable synthetics, their garments are considered highly breathable. Add to this the hydrophobic treatment their fabrics get, and you have apparel that is ready for use on your nearest ocean, river, or lake. 

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Huk Fishing Apparel Article Conclusion

With a wide range of fishing shirts, gloves, shoes, hats, gaiters, and bibs, Huk Fishing gear offers plenty for those interested in casual or serious fishing clothing. The company has clothing of all sizes and lines that can accommodate men, women, and children. 

Huk Gear‘s clothes consist of breathable, durable, and lightweight synthetics and rubbers. They are specifically made resistant to outdoor elements, including the sun, wind, water, and microorganisms. Anyone seriously interested in fishing apparel should check out Huk Gear. 

I hope this list has been an excellent start for you in getting some ideas. Now, feel free to enjoy catching your favorite fish species of fish the rest of the year.

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