Fishing when temperature drops – How to keep catching

5 Things you should expect when the temperature starts to drop:

  1. Water temperature will fall.
  2. Fish movement will start to slow down.
  3. Signs of fish topping, moving, and jumping will drop too.
  4. Bites from your target fish will reduce in quantity.
  5. The ferocity of the bites will lower and become more gentle and refined.

No matter how many years you have been fishing, we all sometimes forget the obvious. Reading through the points above will be a good reminder for the mine experienced angler too. The new anglers, especially about to do their first winter will understand as the days grow shorter and colder.

The fish will be feeding on different food sources as their bodies slow down. You may not be able to spot this, but there are ways around it.

8 Ways how to keep them biting when it starts to get colder:

  1. Check for local food sources the fish may be eating. These will be different from the warmer weather food sources.
  2. Look for deeper water, which is less temperature affected, and stay a little warmer on average.
  3. Change your hook size to a slightly smaller one. A smaller bait may work better than the normal size.
  4. Change the fly type to one that will match any still around.
  5. Change the color of the lure and the size. Going smaller and maybe brighter could have a positive effect. Water coloration will also affect your choice.
  6. Be more mobile. Don’t just fish your normal spots. Take more time searching for other areas.
  7. Listen to local catch reports. Your local tackle shop, angling club, fishing forums, Facebook pages, and Twitter can help. You must monitor and be involved in getting the right information at the right time to help you. Keep your ears open and get ready to fish.
  8. Check the trees, bushes, and undergrowth for signs of possible fish food sources.

Adapting to the situation will help keep those fish coming to you and your hook. Don’t be afraid to change things from the norm now and then. You won’t lose anything by trying something else on the hook or in a different spot. If you are not catching and you need to change things, it’s hardly going to get any worse. It will also keep those brain cells working in the cold.

Do fish bite when the temperature drops?

Yes, fish will continue to bite until it gets frigid at around 4 degrees. At this temperature, fish will tend to start going into a form of hibernation, barely moving. These fish can still be tempted to feed, but the task will become much harder. Taking the time to locate and carefully place the correct bait right in front of their noses may work. Lessons in trial and error will be ahead. Remember to learn from the fishing lessons learnt.

Higher pressure, warmer days when the sun shines will awaken the fish slightly. Make the most of these times during the teen days ahead. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and look for a potential temperature jump. If the water gets back to around 6 or 7 degrees, get the rods back out! Below 4 degrees, maybe stay at home and get the odd jobs done so you can get out there when nature calls you back.

Pre-baiting method for colder weather to increase bites:

Presuming you are allowed to walk around or along the water when not fishing, probating can help. For lakes and rivers, a trickle, not a bucketful, of hook baits carefully placed in target areas will help. Do this for a few days or a couple of weeks before fishing for added potential. Make sure you note the spots and prioritize them if you wish for when you can get catching. Remember, your fishing baits may be smaller due to the cold, so the loose feed needs to match.

Try to keep the bait lightweight ad not too heavy. You don’t want to overfeed them as they will not be eating as much. Bear in mind. The smaller fish will still be there and still also eatn=ing to an extent. Keep them in mind, too, as they may eat your loose feed if too small.

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