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Your Guide in Buying A Fishing Boat

Warmer days will be approaching soon. For people who love to fish, these days are the best. If you are thinking of buying a fishing boat or upgrading the one you have, this will be a great article.

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Modern technology affects the industry of fishing boats, a positive effect, I must say. From traditional fishing boats, it evolves into different kinds. We will explore these fishing boats and find the most suitable one for you or your family as we sail in this article.

What Are Fishing Boats?

Fishing boats are vessels used as transportation when fishing in the lakes, rivers, or even in saltwater. Though it isn’t specifically for fishing nowadays, it can also be used for recreational purposes. Traditional fishing boats were made with woods, like rafts (usually made with bamboo) and reed boats, traditionally used solely for fish hunting. As time goes by, fishing boats evolve, not only the materials used to make one and how it was used. Manual, paddling, or propelled by wind by attaching sails to motors or batteries.

What Are the Different Types of Fishing Boats?

Like other vessels, fishing boats have three types. It is also beneficial for you to be familiar with each of them, especially if you plan to pursue fishing as a business. Understanding its properties and utilization is essential before deciding which one to purchase.

Here Are the 3 Types of Fishing Boats:

Commercial Fishing Boats

This fishing boat is also known as the industrial fishing boats designed solely for fishing and other seafood catching for business purposes. It is expected for a commercial fishing boat to be capable of carrying heavy loads of both fish and seafood and that it can conquer big oceans.

Commercial fishing boats can easily sail in all water types like oceans, lakes, and rivers. They can also be equipped with gadgets useful for the businesses’ operation, like a smart weighing scale, onboard cameras, and radiofrequency identification.

Artisanal Fishing Boats

This fishing boat is smaller than commercial fishing boats, but it is also used for business. Individual fishing households who live in a coastal or island setup usually own one. They used it to catch fish for personal use or, as mentioned, for business. Artisanal fishers are the ones who typically supply locally, which makes them the small competitor of commercial fishers.

Recreational Fishing Boats

Recreational fishing boats have different sizes, usually small to large, and those sizes indicate the boat’s capacity. This type of fishing boat is not solely designed for fishing but also for leisure. Though owners of recreational fishing boats also earn from it, they can use it for rent or competitions. 

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What Is the Best Boat for Fishing and Family?

If you think of purchasing one for fishing or your recreation with family, you must consider how many are in the family and what type of water it will be used.

Here Are the Types of Boats That Might Be Suitable for Fishing and Family:


It is known as the most popular boat for families. It has a v-shaped design that makes it easy to navigate and drive in various water conditions. It is often used for fishing, skiing, or merely cruising the water.

Pontoon Boat

This boat is another famous boat for families. It is large and spacious, which made it perfect for your family and friends. It is usually used for watersports, swimming, day cruising, and of course, just lounging about.

Cabin Cruiser

It is sometimes referred to as “yacht.” A typical cruiser has a sleeping area, a small kitchen, and a bathroom, making it ideal for sailing, watersports, and especially overnight cruising.

Fishing and Ski Boat

It has the same layout as a bowrider but with additional features for fishing like rod holders, an electric trolling motor, and tow-sports goodies like a ski-tow pylon and ski lockers. This boat is best for fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and the likes.

Jet Boats

This type of boat is a full-size family runabout. It is ideal for water cruising and watersports. Jet boats are fun to drive and give the family the excitement that builds memories.


This type of boat generally costs less than other types because it does not require vast and powerful engines. It comes in available sizes and different comfort levels. It is perfect for sunset chasing and even overnight cruising.

Ski Boat/Wake Boat

This type of boat can accommodate your friends and family as it is designed with much seating space. It is excellent for socializing, swimming off the back, sunset chasing, or just lounging around in a summer daze or weekend getaway. 

Walkaround Boat

Walkaround boats are great for families that enjoy saltwater fishing, day cruising, and even overnight cruising. This type of boat usually has a large open aft cockpit where you can swing a rod or set a trolling spread. It has sleeping accommodations and weather protections.

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Aluminum Fishing Boat

An aluminum fishing boat is lightweight and designed for shallower waters. This type of boat is used for both fresh and saltwater,

Bass Boat

This type of boat is definitely not an all-purpose fishing boat. It is perfect for freshwater fishing cruising, especially for bass angling but won’t be the most useful boats for other activities.

Sports Fishing Boat

It is sometimes called a “sports fishing yacht.” This type of boat can travel into deeper waters which will allow you to get larger catches. It will also be comfortable for overnight cruising.

Below is the summary and comparison table. 
Boat TypesIdeal For:Number of Passenger it can accommodateSize
Bowrider BoatDay cruising and watersportsMaximum of 9 passengers16 to 28 ft long
Pontoon BoatDay cruising and watersportsMaximum of 15 passengers16 to 30 ft long
Cabin CruisersDay and overnight cruisingMaximum of 10 passengers20 to 40 ft long
Fish and Ski BoatFreshwater fishing and watersportsMaximum of 5 passengers15 to 22 ft long
Jet BoatsDay cruising and watersportsMaximum of 10 passengers16 to 25 ft long
SailboatSailing and overnight cruisingMaximum of 14 passengers7 to 70 ft long
Ski Boat/Wake BoatDay cruising and watersportsMaximum of 8 passengers16 to 28 ft long
Walkaround BoatSaltwater fishing and day cruisingMaximum of 7 passengers18 to 30 ft long
Aluminum Fishing BoatFreshwater and saltwater fishingMaximum of 8 passengers8 to 24 ft long
Sports Fishing BoatSaltwater fishing and overnight cruisingMaximum of 12 passengers26 to 100 ft long
Bass boatFreshwater fishing cruising and day cruisingMaximum of 5 passengers16 to 25 ft long

What Boat Brand Is the Best?

Here Are Our Top 10 Boat Brands:

  • Yamaha
  • Bayliner
  • Sea Ray
  • MasterCraft
  • Tracker
  • Chaparral
  • Lund
  • Grady-White
  • Sea-Doo
  • Alumacraft

What Is the Best Beginner Fishing Boat?

An all-purpose fishing boat can be a good investment, and it can be used in either fresh or saltwater. This type of boat is designed to navigate various waterways, which is beneficial if you plan to fish for multiple water species. Another excellent choice for a beginner is the bowrider boat, which is suitable for fishing, watersports, or day cruising. Bowriders are designed with a swim platform for watersports and a ladder for entering and exiting the water.

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What Is the Best Month to Buy a Boat?

The best month to buy a boat is usually mid-February. Since the off-season is in the late winter or early spring. Also, some manufacturers introduce new models to the public at winter boat shows. This boat show is usually intended to get boat buyers’ attention from all over the world interested in seeing the latest model of boats.

How Much Is a Fishing Boat?

Smaller fishing boats 16 to 20 feet long can range anywhere from $10,000.00 up to $50,000.00 and beyond high-end brands. Mid-size boats from 21 feet to 25 feet long can cost $50,000.00 past $100,000.00. The second engine is a big factor in the upper price reals, also the brand name. Large twin engine fishing boats from 26 feet to 30 feet long can cost $150,000.00 to $300,000 plus range, while high-end large fishing boats, 32 feet to 36 feet long, can range from $200,000.00 to $450,000.00 depending on the setup.

Is Buying a Fishing Boat Worth It?

Yes, it is. A fishing boat can be a good investment, especially if you know precisely how to use it and make it profitable. And if you don’t go overboard with your budget. Do the research and go for a fishing boat that you can afford. It will also be great if you know a little about the boat’s maintenance, with that, you can avoid spending too much.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Fishing Boat?

If you are fully decided and is already planning to get your fishing boat, here are the things you must consider before buying one:

Identify the Kind of Fishing Boat You Need

We have discussed the types of fishing boats. From there, you must have identified the type of both that you want to purchase and have an idea as to where you should use your future boat and what size of boat you need.

To help you determine the size of the fishing boat you need, here are some things that you must consider:

  • The number of people you plan on taking to the boat.
  • The storage capabilities.
  • The off-shore capabilities.
  • The type of engine, if it is single, twin, or trip engine.

Consider Your Budget

Owning a boat might be a dream come true. However, there might be a lot of financial stress that comes with it. Be realistic about what you buy, and you must consider the extra cost after buying one. 

If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider halting your plan, or it might be wise to buy a used boat instead. Buying a used boat isn’t a bad idea. You can still get some pretty good quality for much lower prices.

Do a Thorough Research

The easiest way to do your research is to check your prospect boat online, study the price, models, and compare it with your other options. Scrutinize your choices. It will help you to narrow down your choices.

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Boat Buying Article Conclusion

Wanting to own a fishing boat is not bad. As humans, we all have dreams, and it certainly gives us a push to do the best that we can to achieve that dream.

Buying a fishing boat can be a fantastic feeling. It is never wrong to spend a lot of money on something we desire, but don’t go that far if you can’t afford it. It will only give you stress when the time comes. You can always go for something you can afford, and that is a wise thing to do.

Cruising on a fish boat on your own would be a goal but remember not to compromise the things that matter the most and have a long-term effect. Have fun and safe sailing! There is no better way to chase sunset with a smile!

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