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What Are The Best Fishing Hats To Buy? – Buying Guide And Product Review

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what are the best fishing hats to buy, here are my 6 top picks for you to research:

  1. GearTOP Fishing Hat and Safari Cap with Sun Protection 
  2. Columbia Bora Bora Booney Hat
  3. Columbia PFG Mesh Fish Flag Stretch-Fit Hat
  4. Kolumb Wide Brim Boonie Hat
  5. icolor Sun Cap Fishing Hat with Face Mask And Outdoor Sun Protection
  6. Cooltto Wide Brim Sun Hats Waterproof And Breathable for Fishing

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Fishing Hats Are The Safe Way To Keep The Sun Off Your Head Whilst Out Fishing For Many Hours

A fishing hat is a hat suitable for the fisherman who is out in the sunshine for any length of time, and the hat will help protect from the sun’s rays. None of us want to end up with a sunburn, and medical conditions can occur from too much direct sun on the head. Fishing hats are an essential part of every angler’s fishing apparel, and the importance of them should not be underrated.

Conclusion: The best fishing hats (in my opinion) are shown above, and I believe fishing hats are recommended for you to wear whilst out in the sun regardless of the time of year. Protection, even on what I call half sunny days, is still needed. Additionally, a good rim on the hat will also reduce glare and potential damage to your eyes, and don’t forget your sunglasses. Your hat can provide a good safety level and should be a priority when preparing for your trip.

Why you may one day need a good fishing hat:

Ever started on a fishing trip on a gloomy, damp morning, thinking the weather is not great? I did once, and I was caught out because I failed to take my hat with me, and the sunburn I ended up with made sure I never failed to retake my hat. Never presume you know what the weather will do as it tends to surprise us time and time again. Always be prepared by taking one of the simplest items of fishing apparel any angler will ever buy.

What functions do fishing hats provide?

Fishing hat functions include:

  • Reducing sunburn.
  • Keep you warm in cooler weather.
  • Keep you dry on a damp day.
  • Hats help reduce the glare and allow a better view of the water in front of you.
  • If the fishing hat is large enough, it may allow you to nap behind in secret. Well, almost in secret, that’s unless you snore!

Here is an example of a fishing hat I would consider:-

Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney (View Amazon details here)

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Here are my top 5 favorite fishing hat types you may wish to consider buying:

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Here are my top 8 tips on buying a fishing hat suitable for your days out:-

  1. Tip – My first tip is that the hat must look good on you. It may seem a strange tip, but if the fishing hat does not suit you, when are you likely to wear it? Never!
  2. Tip – Consider when you will be out fishing. Are you a fine weather fisherman who never leaves home unless the sun is shining, or do you plan a trip and go whatever the weather may throw at you? This is important as the hat must suit your needs.
  3. Tip – Look for a quality hat that will last some years and almost become part of your daily apparel. With time you will feel comfortable wearing your hat and less comfortable without it strangely.
  4. Tip – Brands can be an important guide for quality, and if you prefer to stick to a popular brand, then fine, but pinpointing a hat regardless of the brand that is of excellent quality is the primary goal.
  5. Tip – Look at the questions asked by the potential customers, and you will see the answer to some of the questions you may have been mulling over in your own head. The answers provided will be informative and of great guidance.
  6. Tip – Checking the overall feedback is a good guide. Also, check out the number of feedbacks and the percentage of 5-star rating the item has received.
  7. Tip – Check on the amount of care and maintenance your hat will require as you may not wish to put effort into taking care of it.
  8. Tip – Is the company selling the fishing hat to you within your own national, and are you able to send it back for replacement or refund in the event of a fault?

Here is an example of a fishing hat I would consider buying:-

Kangaroo Cowboy Hat (View Amazon details here)

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Have you considered these four questions before making your purchase?

  1. What is a fishing hat called? In the past, fishing hats have been referred to as bucket hats, but nowadays, I believe there are so many different types. The name is somewhat unimportant as it will depend on what you prefer to wear.
  2. What does a fishing hook on a hat mean? A hook on a fisherman’s hat does not have a specific meaning, but if I saw a dressed fly hook on your hat, I would know you were into fly fishing and would happily start a conversation based on that.
  3. What is the best fishing hat? As you can see by the examples in this article, the types of fishing hats vary greatly depending on your requirements. Therefore, to say which is the best fishing hat is not possible, but once you know which type of hat you want, you can look at Amazon and choose the most popular selling hat in that range. That will then provide you with the best fishing hat suitable for yourself.
  4. What is the best hat for sun protection? This will again depend on the style of hat you are choosing to be your fishing hat. I suggest you find the style of hat you prefer and then look at the sun protection rating each of the top-selling variations promises to provide.

Here is an example of a fishing hat I would consider buying:-

Trapper Winter Hat With Face Mask (View Amazon details here)

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Here are some top-selling popular brands of hats suitable for fishing available from Amazon USA:

  1. Columbia 
  3. MySunTown

I hope this list has been an excellent start for you in getting some ideas. Now, feel free to enjoy the rest of the year out catching your favorite fish species of fish.

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